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September 25, 2007 at 11:13 am (About My Work, Progress) (, , )

Hello World! As the name of this blog suggests I am a researcher/artist. I am interested in both traditional academic research and practice based research. I am currently a Doctor of Creative Arts candidate and my current work is focussed on using the live-web as a cyberfeminist tool/space/network.

The ‘Diary of a Research Artist’ blog is my reflective journal. This is the space I use to collect, collate and ruminate on ideas, note and discuss the works of others that are relevant to my research, and catalog my general progress. I have been using an online reflective journal since beginning my DCA (though sparingly at first), and my previous journalings can be found here at my original live journal. However, because I am in a more prolific phase of my DCA I have decided to move over here to wordpress, just because of the different kind of functionality it offers.

An online reflective journal is a very special, liminal, public/private space for me. It is public, and I welcome comments and feedback from readers, but at the same time it is a very personal, vulnerable space for me too, many of the ideas that will be kept here are just seeds of something that may grow into something amazing, or may never sprout at all. Sometimes I feel quite awkward publishing fledgling thoughts, but I feel quite strongly about making my research process as transparent as possible, both for my own records and for others who, like me a lot of the time, wonder what this research art thing is all about.

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