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September 2, 2008 at 4:21 am (Uncategorized)

I am feeling very keen to play with some vidding toys at the moment. This is something I have been meaning to do all along as part of the 52 Acts project, but have been avoiding it due to the time commitment required. A few3 things have come my way today that are telling me the time for vid play is near.

Firstly, Tama writes on his eLearning Blog about the work of his Digital Media students, where they were asked to produce a 3 minute video as a discussion of video in an online context. I thought this video, Something Old, Something New, was particularly clever work:

*edited to add: for some reason this blog and the embed code are not getting along, so if you would like to see the work you’ll have to follow the link to Tama’s blog*

And if you follow the link to Tama’s blog you will see several other works worth taking a look at. I find the works made for this assignment particularly interesting because they directly address the way the internet is evolving into its own medium and how it is more than just ‘clickable books/TV/pictures’. I think the ultra-short film is something quite idiosyncratic to the internet, and it is interesting to see how the old technology of video has adapted to reflect the new desire for rapid consumption of bite sized pieces of information and entertainment.

Another tasty bit of vidding that came my way this morning was the Buffy/Spike/Faith songvid Creep, which is available for download here at the vid creators LiveJournal. Absolutely beautiful piece of work–elegantly edited and absolutely spot on character analysis. I just loved it, I had chills the whole way through, and shivers on top of those chills.

The third thing that made me think it might be vidding time was a call for entries into the Victorian Digital Fringe festival, though I can’t find anywhere on the site a closing date for entries nor a statement of who is eligible to submit (e.g. is it limited to Victorian residents?), so it may not be something I actively participate in, but it is still very cool to know that such a thing exists!

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