And so it begins…

January 1, 2008 at 10:48 pm (About My Work, Progress) ()

Happy new year everybody!

Yesterday I put up my first ‘act’ at 52 acts, it is a slideshow introduction to cyberfeminism. A nice gentle way for me to start the creative year, which is having a great creative effect on me – I am already excited about next weeks act, and seriously reflecting on this weeks. I have thoughts brewing on ‘the light and dark of cyberfeminism’, something I don’t think I touched on in my introductory essay.

Here’s to a creative year ahead for all!



  1. Callisto Shampoo said,

    Woo! And congrats!

  2. baby_elvis said,

    Loved it! So nicely explained for the layperson (namely me)
    Particularly like the ideas of subversion, collaboration and playfulness.

  3. lauredhel said,

    Congratulations on getting started, and thanks for sharing this!

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